We're A B2B Brand Agency On A Mission To Make Manufacturing & Professional Services Brands Less Boring

Helping B2B Brands Become More Human, Approachable & Profitable

B2B buyers are bored, bombarded and fickle.

They want to understand your offering within seconds and they want to be able to interact with your business in a way that suits them.

Manufacturing and professional services businesses often rely heavily on relationships and sales – by introducing branding and marketing into the mix – you’re opening the door to new ways of winning business.

How do we help solve the problem?

  • We use data and insight to create branding that works
  • We build easy to use, engaging websites that convert
  • We create marketing campaigns that deliver a return on investment

We are LeftMedia – a Manchester B2B marketing agency working with manufacturing and professional services businesses to help you reach new customers and markets profitably.

Why are we the right people for the job?

  • We talk in plain english – putting an end to meaningless buzzwords used in marketing
  • Everything we do is measurable and focused around return on investment
  • We’ve done this before – following our process, we worked with a manufacturing business to generate £6.5m in additional revenue in less than 5 months