Can you answer these 3
manufacturing marketing questions?

How is your website performing?

How do you compare against your competition?

What is your current marketing ROI?

"Working with LeftMedia, there is a demonstrable benefit and we’re seeing it on our bottom line."

Stephen Rector, Managing Director
at Ribble Packaging

One in depth report to improve sales & marketing in your manufacturing business

Assess your marketing performance in 3 key areas

Digital Marketing Review

Digital marketing should mean measurable return on investment - check your performance

Website Performance

Your website should be generating sales ready leads - find out why it's not performing

Situation Analysis

How are your competition winning leads? What are they doing better than you?

Outsider's perspective, forensic detail

Take a step back and review

An outsider's perspective will shed light on how you can improve your marketing performance

Accurate performance review

Identify areas of your marketing that need improving to boost sales

Manufacturing Marketing Agency


Revenue Generated


Happy Clients


More effective marketing = more sales

Follow the proven 3 step process we use to generate additional revenue for manufacturers like you


Analyse current marketing performance and key areas of improvement



Define a clear growth strategy to align marketing & sales



Use the latest marketing technology and tactics to successfully implement the strategy


For any other manufacturers thinking of working with LeftMedia, I would say get on and do it. It’s been an entirely positive experience for us. it’s been a relatively short period to date, but there is a demonstrable benefit and we’re seeing it on our bottom line.

Stephen Rector, Managing Director, Ribble Packaging

Stop. Don't waste more money on ineffective marketing tactics.

Receive a detailed report and dashboard on the health of your existing marketing performance.

Your website performance measured

Your market & competition analysed

Your digital marketing metrics reviewed


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