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6 myths about branding busted

Mitchel - March 23, 2016 - 0 comments

1. Branding is just a logo

While a logo is a useful visual representation of your brand, it is just one aspect of it. How you use it, the colours and typeface you use with it, the message you give out, even down to how you or your employees answer the phone. These things all contribute to your brand identity and more importantly to your brand’s personality. If the person creating your brand only asks what colours you like, and makes no mention of your message, target audience or values, then walk away.

2. I can’t afford Branding, it’s too expensive

In marketing, as in many aspects of business, the value of something isn’t measured in terms of how much it costs, but in terms of the return it provides. As far as branding is concerned, the question you should be asking is whether you can afford NOT to have branding. A consistent brand message and personality across your business pays dividends.

3. I don’t need branding yet

From the moment you start your business it has some sort of brand even if you didn’t create it intentionally. How you deal with potential customers, suppliers and partners all creates an impression of your brand. So if you don’t know what your brand message and personality is, then how will anyone else? You decide what your product is, so you should decide what your brand is too. Without branding from the start, you’re letting someone else make that decision for you.

4. My product will sell itself

You may have the best product on the market that could revolutionise your industry as we know it, but without a clear, recognisable brand and personality, how are your customers going to pick it out amongst the competition on shelves and websites? Get your branding right and the product sales will follow, Hoover didn’t become the word of choice to describe vacuum cleaners by accident.

5. Branding is only for big companies

With the huge growth in customer to customer marketing in the form of social media, review sites and of course word of mouth, branding is more important than ever for small companies. Without it, how can you expect to break through all of that noise to reach your potential customers? Clear branding – identity, message and personality – will make it easier for people to spread the word that you’re doing great things. This will put you on a level footing with those big companies you thought had the monopoly on branding.

6. Branding is only important for consumer goods

Whether you’re the market leader in your industry, a consultant selling your knowledge and experience or a dog walker selling your service, you need branding as much as you need your computer, bank account or tax return. You can’t do business without those things, so don’t go out into the big bad world without getting your branding sorted….

If you have any questions about branding, please say hi. We would love to help.

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