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Brand Marketing – A Strategy to Stand Out from the Crowd

Mitchel - January 18, 2017 - 0 comments

It can be tempting in this age of marketing-savvy competition, to see a successful brand and do exactly what they do. After all, it works right?

Unfortunately, that’s not likely to be a winning strategy. If it was, we’d all be running replica Coca-Cola’s and Apple’s. What a successful marketing campaign offers to people is a reason to go with a certain brand ahead of the competition. That means putting something different on the table.

When formulating the next marketing moves for your company. Instead of thinking of ways to be the same as the competing brands, try coming up with ways to be different. Whether it be in the form of creative advertising, a unique aesthetic, or appealing to our charitable side. Differentiate from other brands.

Here are some things to discuss with your branding agency to get you moving in the right direction.

Adopting a message that speaks to your consumers.

If you look into it, you’ll likely find that the people involved in the development of a product are a lot like the people that are buying that product. This means you have great power in your midst. The ability to generate a vision that incorporates the values held by your customers.

Sharing a common viewpoint is a very bonding experience. Think of your own personal relationships for proof. So, by making sure your marketing reflects these shared values can create a steadfast bond between consumer and brand.

You can go further by aligning your company with a charity or social issue that is relevant to your business in some way. The public, it turns out, care about that kind of thing more than is publicised. Doing good for a cause people feel passionate about is a great way to differentiate your brand from the competition.

Creating an emotional connection

The days of promoting a long list of product features to set your products apart are over. Even if those features are well worth shouting about, competition is tough, and it will take more than that to reach potential consumers.

A great marketing strategy should get under people’s skin, in a positive and totally non-creepy way of course. Create images, video and copy that provoke this reaction. If a person can visualise their life with your brand in it then you’ve succeeded in setting your company apart from others. Next time they think of this idyllic existence, it’s your brand they will associate with it.

Make an emotional connection and folks will follow their heart to your brand.


As society advances, so should your brand, and creative ideas are central to making that happen. If you don’t do it, sooner or later your competitors will.

According to Manchester branding agency, ‘Holdens”, the best way to increase sales and up your profile is to communicate your vision across all platforms in surprising and original ways.

There are a lot of companies out there using solely outdated, over the hill ideas to attract new customers. While some marketing techniques are pretty solid, such as partnering with another company and benefiting from mutual referrals. They don’t do much to elicit any deep-rooted connection to your company mission.

In a world where emotional connection is key, you need to think outside the box for new ways to ensure your marketing reflects your vision of what your brand can do to impact people’s lives. A strong marketing approach is one that uses creativity to connect the vision to the brand.


When it comes to successfully differentiating your brand from others in the industry, whatever else your marketing campaign may be, it must be authentic.

That means no stock photos, no clichéd copy, and no stereotypes. The use of these marketing no no’s has been shown to directly influence public perception of how genuine and trustworthy a brand is. For the worse.

As if that wasn’t enough of a deterrent, it will also, obviously, do nothing to help your company stand out. Except maybe if everyone else is using innovative, creative and focused strategies to market their brands. Then it will set you apart, for all the wrong reasons.

Engaging the senses

One interesting take on marketing to touch on with your corporate branding agency is the value of targeting our senses.

All five of our senses are linked to memory and emotion. The very things a company wants to effect in order to differentiate itself. The more of these senses your campaign can engage the more people will remember and connect with your brand in particular.

One example of such an approach comes from Marriot hotels. They have taken inspiration from the fact that smell is the most influential sense us humans possess, and created a signature scent in order to set themselves apart further from rival hoteliers.


It may be superficial, but attractiveness is linked to success across the board. If something is ‘attractive’ people are likely to be ‘attracted’ to it.

Many of the most popular brands out there have a unique design or logo that is instantly recognisable, stylish, and importantly, different to everything else out there.

Just think of Apple’s iconic apple. The famous logo, while simple, instantly screams the values and quality associated with its brand. What’s more, it is globally renowned.

If executed well, a great marketing strategy could result, not only in brand differentiation, which should be a priority for all companies. But brand preference and even insistence too. With such high stakes, the pressure to generate mind-blowing marketing is on.

Luckily you don’t have to bear the responsibility alone. With so much riding on getting the marketing for your business just right, it is advisable to seek the expert advice of a corporate branding agency. They will be able to use their infinite wisdom to catapult your company ahead of the competition.

You can use the talking points in this article to help you to be the one to stand out from the crowd.

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