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Launch Your New Brand with a Bang

Mitchel - November 1, 2016 - 0 comments

From the day your business doors open, you want to be generating revenue. The brand needs to be top notch, and the launching process needs to be well thought out. The only way to get started on the right foot is to know how to work with your branding agency. So, what are the best ways to get your business lit up as bright as fireworks on Guy Fawkes Night?

Pay Attention to Your Audience

Let your intended customer base become the determining factor for how you attack branding. Allow the audience to dictate how you choose to create your website, logo, and so on.

One of the best ways to guide both the nature of your website and the information in your blog is by paying attention to your audience. What are the audience’s interests? What draws in those you are hoping to make customers? Most importantly, what does your audience need to know about your business in order to understand why they should care? What would make your audience members stick around?

Work Hard on Branding
Scatter your brand everywhere you can! The more of your brand you leave in your wake, the easier it becomes to spread your brand like wildfire. Imagine your brand as the bonfires on November 5th. Your brand needs to be everywhere you are – your logo design and your brand’s title – and consistently so. The more connections can be made to your business, the quicker you will draw in customers.

Show Your Knowledge
While it would be great if customers could automatically trust your brand new business – they need a little proof in order to trust you! One of the best ways to go about building up your business is to work with your branding agency in order to incorporate a blog with your business. A blog allows you the space to prove what you know in a way that also draws potential customers to your website.

Grow Anticipation and Time Well
Draw in those that are watching by letting them know something new is up and coming. Try not to dwell for too long on growing anticipation, as it can end up going on for a bit too long. This can end up boring customers and causing them to walk away before you have offered anything.

One of the best ways to grow anticipation for your business is to treat the launch of your new website as though it was an incredible event. Make a Facebook event, pick a time, pick a day – give people the information they need to get excited. Slap your logo design everywhere you can and let everyone you can reach know about your website launch.

Bottom line – branding for your company begins when you build a buzz about your launch day and your business!

Put Interesting Information on Your Blog
When working with your branding agency, think about the best ways to draw in your anticipated audience. Put in how-to information and case studies. Draw in those with more creative thought processes with more philosophical content.

Organise your blog in a way that appeals to readers, and allows them to find the information they are looking for easily. The first impression of your blog should be a great one!

Make Your Page Easy to Share
Make sure to make your website simple to share. You want to be able to share your website and blog well beyond your reach. When people like your website, they can easily share their enjoyment with others. This allows you to extend your website’s reach further than you could – right from the start. Even having family and friends easily post about your website allows your website to be seen by hundreds and thousands of people in an instant upon launching.

Provide Easy Ways to Stay in the Loop
Those that check out your website need to be reminded of reasons to come back. Make a Facebook page that connects all of your sites, in order to let people easily follow your business and see frequent status updates. Let those that come to your website subscribe to an email list.

As users come to your Facebook and blog, be sure to respond to comments – whether they are conversational, positive, or negative. If anyone negative comes along, address them, and clear up the situation. Stay on top of all of your websites and social media. The more often you are on these pages, the quicker you can respond and clear up any potential issues.

If you want to draw in customers and let them know you have interest in their lives as well. Try interacting with others on different social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Commenting and replying to tweets can easily engage potential customers, while drawing in those who see your interactions. Being active on social media also brings in customers, as there is a higher interest in a company that can keep up with modern technology. Using Facebook and drawing in likes also makes it easy to make events for new ideas and launches.

Give Thanks
Make sure to show your appreciation. With your logo design should come an association of kindness and positive customer interaction. Customers should be able to see that you are a caring business.
By thanking all of those that help you along the way, people are able to see that you value all of those that work with your business. Making a positive name for yourself from the start is an excellent way to start with a great reputation.

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