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Branding: How to take your estate agency business to the next level.

Mitchel - June 24, 2015 - 0 comments

Estate Agency is one of the most competitive markets to be in. In every area of the UK, there are a multitude of estate agencies all vying for people’s business and this can often lead to price wars, with agencies cutting their fees so close to the bone that they are ultimately forced to close.

Actually growing an estate agency can be tough. However good a service your agency provides and no matter how successful you are at selling houses, that may not be enough to be in a position to grow your business in the fact of stiff competition from your competitors. 

If you’re looking to expand your estate agency business the fact is it’s not just about being better, it’s about being different, and that is what branding can do for you. Communicating why your agency and service is unique, not only sets you apart from the competition, it can allow you to charge a premium compared to your competitor. That’s because consumers take heed of branding when done well, and associate it with companies that offer a high quality service.

What your estate agency brand should consist of

Your estate agency brand should encapsulate everything that your company is about and everything your customer should expect to receive from you. It’s for this reason, it’s advisable to hire a professional to come up with a logo and theme that can be used across a variety of media and other places to communicate your brand.

It’s not just about a logo though on your for sale signage and on your shopfront. Branding is all about attention to detail, which is why having a theme is important. That means there should be a synchronicity across your for sale signage, shop front, website, newspaper ads, stationery and business cards to name but a few. We’ve worked with a number of estate agencies and the difference that a unified brand communicating your company’s values can make can be remarkable.

Taking the time to work out what your company stands for and encapsulate this in a brand may seem like hard work, but we can make the process painless. It inevitably creates more awareness and the more your customers see your brand both out and about and more internally on your signage, business cards and stationery, then the more likely they are to feel that your brand is consistent, and this is a mark of quality. Ultimately, when people think of estate agents in your area, their immediate thought will be your business, and that is priceless.

If you’d like to talk about branding and your estate agency business, then call us on 0161 908 7695 or send us a quick message.

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