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Carling new brand identity: Discussed

Mitchel - March 6, 2017 - 0 comments

carling lager packaging design

One of our most popular tweets and posts last month was the Carling new brand identity design by BrandOpus, we had mixed response from our followers and fans. The new brand identity sees the return of the Black Label (before my time) familiar to Carling drinkers of the 80s and 90s. The slanted black rectangle with red detail replaces the slanted Carling logotype of old. The typography also sees an update with angles within the A & G nodding to the angles within the black label.

Gone is the underline beneath the old type instead the colour red has been used within the label, presumably to show the corner at peeling away. The colour slants used across previous designs has been kept on packaging but updated to bring consistency across the ever growing range of variations of drinks.

carling new brand identity

So what do we think of the Carling new brand identity?

The new identity fits much better within its industry and space especially with the brand’s partnership with the Premier League, rebrands within football becoming a regular occurrence such as Juventus rebranding recently. I do however feel like the rebrand missed an opportunity to focus on the British heritage of the lager brand,  Guinness have this pretty much sown up in Ireland, could there be a space for a real English lager? Could Carling have filled this gap with its new brand identity?

The new brand identity will be rolled out across all packaging and marketing in March 2017.

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