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Getting the best out of your branding agency

Mitchel - March 29, 2016 - 0 comments

Working with a branding agency could be one of the best things you ever did. To make the most of your new partnership there a few things you should consider:

Make sure you choose the right agency

This is the most important step in making sure you get the best out of your branding agency. How do they chat with you on the phone? Do they even speak with you on the phone? Make sure you get on with the person you make initial contact with as well as any other people you might have contact with at the agency before getting started on your project. Communication is the number 1 component of a successful branding project.

Factors such as location can also play a huge role in the success of your project. Are your agency local to you? If not, how happy are they to chat over the phone? You need to make sure that the agency communicate in a way that suits you.

Know your business inside out

This goes back to communication, make sure you know your business as well as you know yourself. Being able to tell your branding agency about your business in a way they understand is vital. Knowing your target audience, your perfect customers and your competitors is a good start to getting the perfect brand identity. In a branding consultation, your branding agency should ask questions about how you want your customers want to feel when they see your logo, these might seem a little “hipster” but they are really vital things to consider when getting your branding sorted. The closer you are to your customers and understanding them, the easier it will be for your agency to design something that not only works for you but for your target market too.

Being good at feedback

This might not seem like an obvious or necessary skill. But it is. Being able to tell your brand agency what you think of their initial designs will go a long way in ensuring you end up with the perfect logo and brand identity. Constructive feedback can help your designer understand what you do and don’t like about the designs they have sent. Sometimes it can be easy to say  “I hate it!” – that’s the beauty of design, it’s so subjective. You might not like it all that much but what would your customers think? Would elements of the design appeal to them? Try to think about any designs your agency sends as if you were you customer. You might not get the perfect logo in your first set of designs, tell your branding agency about the bits you do like, the bits you don’t like and the bits you think could be improved.

Have fun!

Getting your branding sorted should be a fun process. If you’ve got all of the points above right and your agency is working really hard for you, it should be a pain free process with some amazingly creative ideas coming your way.  But remember, communication is the single most important thing. If things aren’t on the right track, let

If you haven’t decided on who to work with on your branding, check out some of our recent work. We would love to work with you.

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