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How to Solve the Biggest Problems with Your Logo

Mitchel - December 9, 2016 - 0 comments

When it comes to your logo design, it is important to pay mind to the quality of your logo.  A logo defines the business.  As potential and current customers see your logo, they make associations in their mind.  The quality of your logo may make a huge statement about the quality of your business.  So, what are the best solutions to the top logo mistakes?

Make Sure the Logo Gives the Right Impression

Is your logo a bit too amateur for your professional business?  As potential customers see a logo, they make assessments about the quality of the business.  By seeing a poorly made logo design, your business can end up looking far too unprofessional.  Rather than sticking with inexperienced logo designers, consider going with a professional, top rated Manchester branding agency.  Trying to save a cash by using a lesser-experienced graphic designer generally does not pay off!

Don’t Complicate Things

If your logo is too complicated, it is less likely to be simply remembered.  When sticking with a simple logo design, it is easy for your logo to be recognised and effortlessly remembered.  The logo should give a peak at what your company is like, without relying on too many colours and designs.  Colour should be a final thought in logo design, and sticking to a maximum of two fonts should be the standard.

This is an especially important mistake to avoid for those looking for a logo for a start up.  Sticking with a clear design that subtly reminds customers (and potential customers) what your business is all about is the best route for your logo!  An excellent example of a simple, high-quality logo is that of Square’s.  The logo incorporates a subtle image of the product itself, thus instantly reminding those that see the logo of what the business is about.

Make Your Logo as Original as Your Business  

Your business stands out above the rest.  By having a logo that looks similar to the logo of other businesses, you are doing your business a disservice.  You want your Manchester branding agency to work to distinguish your business from the others.  The best way for your business to stand out is to have your logo stand out as well!

Make Brand Changes Only When Necessary

When you change your brand, all associations made with your logo in the past are diminished.  When branding, weigh the pros and cons of logo change.  The benefits of a logo change should outweigh the risks involved in the process.  Make sure to keep all of your contacts involved with the logo change, in order to keep them informed.  Change is not a solo project.

Remember that a great way to avoid the need to change logos is to avoid trends!  Logo trends end up slapping an expiration date to your logo – forcing you to make changes over the years.

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