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New Juventus Logo: Discussed

Mitchel - January 19, 2017 - 0 comments

New Juventus Logo

We’re strong believers that you should only change a brand if it’s necessary to reach new audiences, markets or sectors and the new Juventus logo aims to do exactly that. With a football club steeped in history, InterBrand were tasked with coming up with a logo that positioned Juventus as an international brand. Taking on the likes of Manchester United and Real Madrid for their commercial presence around the world. With Manchester United being named the largest revenue-generating club in the world this week, can you blame Juventus for wanting a slice of the pie?

Football fans are not known for shying away from giving their opinion on their club logos. With many high profile redesigns being ditched before being given a chance.

The history of Juventus logo designs

So what do we think of the new Juventus logo?

The overall style – the design sticks with the well known black & white stripe incorporating it in a subtle, contemporary style – updated using clean lines and negative space. Moving away from the traditional club badge concept, the design incorporates a strong J symbol – something that is fairly bold for a football club.

The typography – The new custom typeface Juventus Fans has been developed in 5 weights, making it ideal to use across any use. Online and on merchandise, one of the main objectives of the redesign. Straightening out the type makes the type more versatile and easier to use on corporate stationery and confined spaces.

Our verdict – Considering its ambitions of forming global relationships and partnerships, we think the rebrand set out to do what it achieved and dare we say it…. we love it. We’re sure this won’t be the last move away from more traditional club logos in the coming years. The Premier League rebrand proving the point. One of our favourite rebrands last year.

The Fans’s aren’t as supportive of the new Juventus logo…

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