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Tell Your Story Through Your Brand

Mitchel - April 6, 2017 - 0 comments

The best thing you can do as a business professional is to create a brand that is relatable to your preferred clientele. The point of brand storytelling is basically to show your customers that you are human too! To show your personality and emotion through your brand in the hopes to create that all so important personal connection. For this to be completely believable it can’t just have your story told by your point of view, it also needs to have the point of view from others and how they interpret you and your hopes for your product.

The fact of the matter is without having your story behind your brand you just become part of the crowd. There is not really anything to keep your potential customers interested. There is a quote by Robert McKee that states “Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world’’ and if you think about it your brand is exactly that. An idea. That you are planning to reveal to the world in the hopes that everyone will love it and accept it as you do. So by this logic tell your story…let people know who you are because it can only help.

Let’s think of the restaurant chain Nando’s for a second, and the reason their brand symbol is a cockerel. This is the basis of their brand story in which nearly every restaurant has on view for its customers to see either on their walls or on their menus. I remember the first time I went into a Nando’s and it was the first thing I noticed on the wall. I remember feeling like the story was something to be proud of and as a result I automatically felt like Nando’s was a brand to be proud of. Something that is proud of its heritage and knows what it is about. If you relate this experience to telling your own story through your brand now, what does it suggest? It suggests that when people read your brand story they will understand that you are someone who is proud of what they have created, you are proud of where it is you have come from, and you are proud of the events that have led you up to the moment in time in which you created your brand. As a result a connection between brand and customer is formed.

But how do you write a brand story?

The first thought when told it’s a good idea to write a brand story is to start writing a ‘once upon a time….’ narrative. This is not what is meant by brand story. A brand story is something that is short and sweet but covers the necessary points of speaking about how your company came about, your goals for your team, your company, your customers and yourself – what it is you wanted to achieve when creating the business. You need to speak about the process of how the product came about, any reason for branding choices (story related) the type of people you employ and the why your customers love your brand. You pretty much want to be telling your customers that they can trust you, they will be looked after and here are the reasons why… take them on an interesting journey from start to finish but include them in it. Make them feel like part of that journey and make them know why they are an important part of that journey.

Don’t think like a marketer think like a human

What do I mean by this? I mean don’t write your brand story with the thoughts I need this product to sell sell sell. You will end up writing something quite boring and it will come across to the readers of your story that all you are trying to do is get their money. That is not what we want, we want your readers to develop an interest in you and your brand. Remember at the end of the day what you are creating here is not an advert or sales pitch, it’s not something you’re going to present to the bank to get your start up loan it is something that is for your clients. Something that will make you stand out from the crowd is showing your weaknesses. Again, this is an aspect of your story that is going to prove to your audience that you are human and your brand idea and process did not just fall onto your lap one day.

Make it light

You definitely do not want something that is heavy to read, the overall tone of the story needs to be quite conversational and not too formal as if you’re talking to one of your friends rather than a group of investors. You need to make sure the story sounds believable and authentic and tone of voice will help a lot with this. Although you are writing a story you need to remember that this story is not fictional it is based on true events so it needs to read that way.

Pairing up

There are many things to take into consideration when thinking of your branding, you have to remember that you may have your story on your website, on your walls or anywhere for customers to read it but the feel of your company needs to be true to your story. The uniforms your team wears if you have uniforms, how the interior and exterior of your building is designed, the manner in which customers are approached and the overall customer experience all need to pair up to the story. They all need to complement each other for your clients to believe that what they have read about you and your brand is true.

If you would like help telling your brand story then give us a call.

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