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What’s the difference between a brand and a logo?

Mitchel - February 8, 2016 - 0 comments

Businesses of all sizes, from small business to multinationals, often ask the question – what is the difference between a brand and a logo?

What is a logo?

Your logo should be simple, eye catching and memorable. You have a few seconds from your logo being seen in which a customer makes a judgment of your whole business. Make it count. Your logo will strike an emotion or reaction with your customers, an effective logo will be remembered by your potential customers. A logo…

  • is an image that makes your business recognisable
  • might include an emblem or icon that makes your business unique
  • often becomes a trademark

What is an identity?

  • the graphic style of your business including imagery
  • your logo colours
  • fonts within you logo and other complimentary fonts
  • use of your logo across business stationery and marketing material

There are some overlaps with your logo design and brand identity. It is important that you use your logo as it was intended to be used. Brand guidelines are a great tool to make sure anything your customers and suppliers see is uniform. Your brand identity should communicate your brand, which leads us onto…

What is a brand?

The Chartered Institute of Marketing defines a brand as “an idea or an image of a product or a service provided by the organisation. Branding is the marketing of this idea or image so that more and more people recognise it and become aware of the brand.”

  • your concept – this isn’t something you can create, it’s the ideas and values of you and your business
  • the basics of your marketing plan
  • what sort of relationship you have with your customers and suppliers
  • what people  think and feel when they come into contact with your business

Your branding is everything your business does and is, you must have your brand in mind whenever you’re interacting with customers, sending out marketing material and even answering your phone. Businesses with a clear brand succeed and last longer than those that don’t. Don’t get complacent though, your brand should constantly evolve with the ever changing needs of your customers.

Examples of great branding

There are many examples of great branding, Nike is one of the most obvious examples – the nike swoosh is instantly recognisable and the company has a clear identity across all of it’s customer “touch points.”

Another obvious yet perfect example of great branding is Apple. From the in store experience to their TV adverts and the packaging of your new iPhone. The Apple brand is carried through to every part of their business. Next time you experience anything Apple, take some time to think about what they stand for and how well they communicate it.

Your brand could work as well as Apple. Get in touch about your brand identity design.

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