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Top Christmas Party Tips for Small Businesses

Mitchel - December 2, 2016 - 0 comments

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year”. We love Christmas at LeftMedia. All the food, seeing family and friends, watching the Queen’s speech, it truly is the most wonderful time of the year. But then…Oh no…who’s sorting out the work Christmas do? In this post we are looking to help take some of the stress away from organising the dreaded office party.

Make It Fun

Consider utilising video games or another competitive mean in order to add a hilarious, competitive vibe to your Christmas party.  Add into your print design that there will be competitive games, such as Singstar and FIFA, and draw in a crowd.  This is a rather inexpensive option as well, which makes it great for a small business on a budget.

Take Decorations to a New Level

Decorative food can be a fun way to show employees you know how to get festive.  Adding pictures of Christmas puddings and turkeys to your flyer design can be an excellent way to a plant a seed in the mind of employees.  Simply put:  everyone loves tasty looking food.

Play Games

Playing games allows a subtle way of getting to know each other.  Games such as You Lie, which involves coming up with two personal facts and one lie, provide a means of entertainment while also providing a path towards personal interaction.  Many times, your employees do not get the chance to interact during the workday.  The Christmas party is the perfect opportunity to change the work relationships.

Try a Theme

Whether it is a masquerade ball or an ugly sweater party, a themed Christmas party helps people understand how to dress and how to feel comfortable.  It is natural to want to fit in, and without a theme, it can be hard to know whether to go casual or dress up.   Fun themes help to break the ice, and provide a more creative dressing experience.  With themes, you can better enhance flyer design and leaflet design.  Your flyers can greatly benefit from the theme subject matter.

Make Fancy Drinks

A pleasing vodka cocktail or other decorative drink recipes can help to create the wintery feel and also can help connect to the theme.  If your theme is a winter wonderland, consider a drink that helps bring out the theme of snow.  If there is a masquerade ball, make the drink match the thematic colours.  Your colour scheme choices do not just affect flyer printing – the colour scheme affects the drinks!

Make sure there are at least two drink options available.  You want to make sure you are meeting the desires of all employees. Also have delicious, alcohol-free drinks in order to work with those that choose not to drink or that wish not to be tempted.  Keep in mind, many at the Christmas party will need a designated driver.  Having delicious, non-alcoholic options is an excellent way to help the DD feel included at the party.  Dress up these drinks, and try to avoid plain soda bottles, or so on.  Dress everything up, and help it match the theme!

So there you have it. Have fun this festive season. May we also take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a fruitful New Year from everyone here at LeftMedia.

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