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Is the design of your restaurant’s menu as effective as it can be?

Mitchel - October 8, 2015 - 0 comments

Have you taken the time to assess how effective your restaurant menu is? Although restaurants are judged largely on the quality of their food and service, paying attention to the finer details such as menus and can really set you apart as a restaurant of choice. Below we take a look at a number of considerations you should think about when looking at the design of your menu.

Be logical

When a customer comes to a restaurant, they expect a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Your menu should be a part of this. Don’t be tempted to try and be too different with your menu, especially in terms of its structure. Customers will expect to see starters first and for the menu to continue in a logical order through the courses. Don’t make your customers work hard to find what food they want to order. They’ve come to have fun and enjoy a good meal, don’t do anything that could compromise this.

Use images and illustrations carefully

The use of images and illustrations really depends upon who your target audience is. With fine dining, the best approach is nearly always ‘less is more’, so menu designs are generally very clean, fresh and understated. For a restaurant that has a lot of families dining with them, then it may be more apt to include more illustrations and images. Talking with a designer should help you decide what is best for you.

Take time with your descriptions

Your descriptions help sell your food so you need to take your time and choose your words carefully. Menu description should be vivid and enticing and should fire your customer’s imaginations and make their mouth’s water. Descriptions should be honest and should highlight the main ingredients of the dish as well as highlighting any factors that customers find important, such as the use of the freshest ingredients and sourcing product locally where possible.

Use boxes

Using boxes can be a very good idea for menus. As well as helping the logical structure of your menu, they have another use too.  Utilising a box well can draw attention to a certain range of dishes that have the highest profit margins such as pasta and potato dishes.

Choose your font with care

Choosing the right font for you menu as it will speak volumes about what sort of restaurant you are. Even more importantly, it is essential that your font is clear and legible and makes your menu easy to read for the customer. You may choose to use one throughout the menu or you may choose to use several fonts to help distinguish different areas of the menu.

Be careful with your colours

Like with images and illustrations, your use of colours should be dictated by your target audience. Customers at a fine dining restaurant would generally not expect a menu to be full of garish and exciting colours, whereas someone dining at a restaurant serving exciting and vibrant street food would see it as part of the experience. Always think what your customers would like best and be guided by that thought.

If you would like advice on the design of menus for your restaurant then do not hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to help. Please call us on 0161 908 7695 or email [email protected].

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