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How flexible working at our design agency is making us more creative

Mitchel - September 30, 2016 - 0 comments

Being a small team at LeftMedia we pride ourselves on being lean and agile enough to be able to adapt. This applies to both our work (that our clients love) and the way we go about producing it. We recently moved into a flexible shared workspace which has been great, so we’ve been thinking of other ways we can improve things too.

We came across the 30 hour week concept popular in Sweden and other Nordic countries, said to improve productivity and employee wellbeing, and looked at how we could adopt it. One option is to do the full office hours, but for only four days a week. We felt that our clients would probably miss us if we had a whole day off, so we’ve stuck with 5 working days but with shorter hours! So we no longer contribute to the daily commuter congestion by car, tram or bus as we start at 10am and finish at 4.30pm. We’ve only been doing this for a few days now but already the whole team are more alert, wide awake and most importantly more productive! The later starts mean everyone is fresh and ready to go, crucial when working on creative projects as we do day in, day out!

A more productive working day

At the same time we’ve sorted our daily work routines to make better use of our time, allotting specific times for tasks such as dealing with email and social media that can really eat into the working day. Restricting these tasks to specific times frees up the rest of the day to do what we’re here for – to create great design for our clients.

All the evidence from companies that have adopted a similar approach points to this move being great for productivity, wellbeing and the general happiness of the LeftMedia team.  We’ll keep you posted on how it goes. Maybe it’s time more workplaces dropped the less productive and tiring eight hour working day and had a more productive six hour day instead… their happier more rested employees will certainly thank them for it!

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