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LeftMedia share their favourite brands

Mitchel - May 20, 2016 - 0 comments

One of the first things we ask our branding clients is what brands inspire them, which ones do they like and why? So we thought we should probably ask ourselves the same question, so here’s our favourite brands. Read on to see which member of the team is a cycling cowboy, who’s a fitness fanatic and who’s a middle class mud pluggin shopper…

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BRAD, our Graphic designer is first up….

Levis Strauss and Co

“Simple, recognisable and stands the test of time. The red tab is instantly recognisable and you instantly associate it with the brand the brands quality. It’s just as contemporary as it was when it was first established proving that classic styling never goes out of style, un like a lot of trend driven things these days.”

Levi's logo

Charge Bikes logo

Charge Bikes

“Simple and contemporary, it has a retro feel but doesn’t look out of place or clichéd. It’s applied nicely to the bikes. Where other bike brands go way over the top and plaster the frame with their logo and decals, Charge keep it clean and simple giving the bike a classic feel. It’s a great representation of the brands ethos – simple and classic designs with a understated modern twist.”

Fresh from some squats, MITCHEL our MD is next…


“It might seem a little obvious but it’s one of the most recognisable brands in the world. The brand itself knows who its customers are.  The black is strong and has helped create a brand image. The type is bold and strong tying in with the colour. The type suggests movement as does, of course, the iconic swoosh device.”

Nike logo

Puregym logo


“The new logo is clever and the black paired with original colouring works really well, it’s a massive departure from their old logo. The brand is carried through in all of the environmental graphics. The typography stands out in the leisure industry, bringing a friendly feel than other gym brands. “

Finally our conflicted tree hugging, paper loving print manager MATT

Land Rover

“Building on a 70 year heritage, the Land Rover badge has changed little, but the company has been superb at adapting the needs and wishes of its customer base, which has broadened significantly in recent decades. From its classic Defender brand, through the family focussed Discovery range, to the luxurious Range Rover brand, there’s no doubt what they stand for and what their products offer.”

Land Rover logo

John Lewis logo

John Lewis

“Proof that brand is so much more than just a logo. The customer experience at John Lewis and the service their staff offer is consistently outstanding and clearly demonstrates their brand values. Their now famous annual Christmas TV commercials enjoy an affection in the hearts and minds of the British public that just wouldn’t be possible with any other brand.

The simplicity of their logo and branding has largely remained the same throughout their long history and is instantly recognisable on trucks, bags and anywhere else it appears.”

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