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Moove Forward – Alternative Networking Event

Mitchel - May 19, 2015 - 0 comments

Having set up LeftMedia as a limited company when I was 20 and worked as a sole trader for a couple of years before that, I know that running a business at a young age can be a lonely place!

I went to a few different “networking events” when I first started the business, and I can’t say I enjoyed them. The potential for new contacts and work is great – but if, like me, you are a young person it can sometimes be a very intimidating environment to venture into! A room full of people you have never met before with a lot more experience in business than you have. What do you say? How are you meant to act? All questions that have probably popped into your head when thinking about going to a networking event.

That’s when I thought, why is networking usually a drab room full of people in suits, talking about themselves. Surely networking should be about how you can help each other by sharing problems you might have overcome. Sharing with people who you use for your accounting, what marketing you have found most effective for you, who to go to for investment guidance. Or if you haven’t started a business yet, knowing what is the best way to go about setting up your first business bank account, who to go to for branding.

Introducing Moove Forward – an alternative networking event to connect young people in business. Launched on the Tuesday 30th June 2015, the event runs on the last Tuesday of the month from 6.30pm with the next event on Tuesday 28th July at Walrus in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

Unlike other networking events, you don’t have to speak, we won’t put you on the spot, just listen to other people if you want, a more informal meetup if you like. We have chosen Walrus in Manchester for its basement area, a more relaxed and informal space with a bar! Nothing better than a pint or a cocktail to take the edge off your nerves.




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