Things have been growing at quite a pace lately here at the LeftMedia office. So the time has come to move out of our small bedroom sized two man office in Chorlton, to something much larger at Ducie House in the centre of Manchester. We’ll show and tell you more about this beautiful building soon, but in the meantime here’s the story of moving day, let’s call it ‘Three Men, One Van!’

Our new landlords are the award winning creative developers Urban Splash so first stop of the day was their Castlefield office to sign papers and hand over scary sums of money! Nicky couldn’t have been more helpful, kicking off an exciting day for us in a positive way! Next stop was Ducie House itself for a quick handover from Tracy, then the moving proper could begin. LeftMedia director and designer Mitchel couldn’t wait to get his hands on the hired Transit Van that we quickly filled up with our current stuff along with a bunch of flat packed fun at the old office and emptied into the new one!

After much assembling of furniture and grabbing a bite to eat, we had to embark on the least fun job of the day, moving a two metre long solid glass table top up many flights of stairs to create our centrepiece desk! This was a task that produced aches, blisters, questioning of life itself and very nearly tears too so we were very glad it was the final one!

Watch this space for more office developments including a cow and some plastic letters but for now, here’s a few photos of our moving day….


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