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Win more profitable customers with these 4 marketing tactics

Mitchel - March 21, 2017 - 0 comments

Hopefully you have read our download 3 steps to identify the most profitable customers of your manufacturing business in 1 hour (and win more like them), if you haven’t read it and you’re in manufacturing read it now… it will help you identify your more profitable services and clients within your existing customer base to allow you to win more profitable customers when reaching out to new ones.

In the guide we talk about how to find your most profitable customers, you will have identified your top 5-10 customers or accounts, finding common pain points across them which allowed you to write down your ideal customer profile. Fantastic.

How can you win more profitable customers?

If you have your ideal customer profile down, these tactics should be easy enough to implement. Our clients have had success using these marketing tactics to generate new sales leads, increase brand awareness and win more profitable customers:

1. Outbound Direct Mail Campaigns

Outbound marketing is often forgotten in the age of inbound and content marketing. It shouldn’t be. Outbound sales campaigns are a fantastic way to win more customers and stand out in industries moving increasingly towards digital communication only. Direct mail has made a resurgence recently with a focus on highly targeted, personalised printed material.

QUICK TIP: Use your prospects name within your direct mail campaign.

How to win at printed outbound direct mail campaigns

  • Use your ideal customer profile to target effectively – having identified your ideal customer you will know their location, turnover size, pain points and industry. If you’re targeting businesses use Experian’s B2B Marketing Data tool to build a list of prospects. Be as specific and close to your ideal customers as possible for the best results.
  • Get your message right – take time to craft your message. Focus on benefits rather than product or service features. Not many people are going to be buying your product because it’s made using an XFK992 part, they will buy because it makes their life easier, saves them money or generates it.
  • Don’t scrimp on print or design – to stand out using printed direct mail you need to focus on quality. Using the cheapest materials isn’t going to achieve the best results.
  • Follow up – direct mail is even more effective when combined with a follow up. Give your prospect a call a week after you sent the mailer to see what they thought and answer any burning questions they might have. Try and get an email address if it’s a no at this point. You can use this in future email marketing campaigns.

2. Employee Social Media Profiles

This one is quite simple. Get yourself and your key employees on social media. If you attend networking events locally you’re probably aware of how effective they are in building awareness of your brand. Online networking using platforms like LinkedIn is essential in 2017. Employee profiles are often more effective than company profiles, after all people buy from people.

Share helpful content relevant to your target customers. Connect with potential prospects and offline networking contacts to increase your reach.

QUICK TIP: When writing your current job description, use keywords relevant to your target sectors to help them find you.

3. Become A Valuable Resource

We’ve raved about outbound in the first point and it wouldn’t be fair to miss out inbound marketing tactics.

What is inbound marketing? When push comes to pull… there’s a pun in there somewhere. Traditionally businesses pushed information out to consumers and potential customers. Inbound flips this. Pulling customers instead by creating helpful content solving their problems means that they come to you as the go to for information on topics in your industry.

If you’ve followed our eBook download 3 steps to identify the most profitable customers of your manufacturing business in 1 hour (and win more like them) you will have identified the niches you serve – this is the essential first step to producing content.

If you’re new to inbound, start with blogging. Your website should have blog functionality – if it doesn’t sort it out with a WordPress website. Once you have a blog set up, set yourself a target of the number of posts you’re going to put up (be realistic). Start off with a list of headlines of content you plan to write for the next 3 – 6 months.

If you or your business have been blogging for a while try exploring downloadable content. Downloadable content is great for capturing contact information from clients which can then be used to further market and nurture leads. As above, plan your content 3 – 6 months in advance and make sure it’s specific to the pain points you identified in your existing customer analysis.

QUICK TIP: Use a CRM system such as HubSpot to collect and maintain your prospects contact information. Get rid of the spreadsheet.

4. Use Existing Customers

Customer success is one of the most valuable marketing assets you have. Use it. If you’re already working with your most profitable customers successfully, tell everyone you meet about it. Much like a reference at a job interview, other people’s word holds immense value. Improving processes to collect customer testimonials, correct issues and ensure the customer experience is as slick as possible will result in happier customers increasing your word of mouth referral rate.

If you can demonstrate your experience having worked with businesses in the same sectors as your ideal customers, you’re much more likely to win more profitable customers.

How to share your customer success stories:

  • Testimonial Video – video is an essential. Can you get your existing customers in front of a camera? Talking head interview style videos are great for sharing in email campaigns or on your employee social media profiles to drive leads for your sales team.
  • Website Case Studies – before buying, customers will often visit your website to research more about your (and your competitors’) business. Make sure yours stands out for the right reasons. Using results based case studies helps prospects make informed decisions to buy from you.
  • Company Case Study Brochure – don’t get thousands printed. Invest in a professionally designed and printed case study brochure that can be used in sales meetings to support your talking points.

QUICK TIP: Focus on results. If you’re writing a case study for your website, make sure it focuses on what the reader cares about rather than the technical detail.

Questions about how to win more profitable customers?

If you need any help with your marketing strategy or need advice on how you can implement any of the tactics mentioned in this post, give us a call on 0161 871 7428 or get in touch.

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