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Top 5 B2B Christmas Gifts For Your Amazing Clients

Mitchel - November 23, 2017 - 0 comments

It’s that time of year again. The dreaded Christmas shopping. While family and friends may be sorted, the hardest decision you’ll make at this time of year is what the best B2B Christmas gifts are for your clients. Buying for clients is always tricky; it needs to be a gift that is thoughtful, feels personal, and most importantly, creates positive and lasting memories. Your gift should stand out and showcase your business in the right way, making sure it fits with your brand.

Looking for B2B Christmas gifts this year?

Here are our top five Christmas gifts that will impress your amazing clients without breaking the bank.

  • The FitKit

For a great people-pleasing present that gets your brand noticed. The corporate FitKit can be tailored with your company logo for a present that does your brand wonders as well helping your clients to lead a healthy, happy life. Depending on your budget, FitKit offers a range of gifts such as the FitKit At Work which features resistance bands, stress reduction tips and breathing exercises. Ideal for the lunchtime break.

As well as the equipment to get people started, the FitKit provides workout and nutrition plans as well as the FitKit Wellness Challenge to get everyone involved in improving their health and fitness.

  • The Well-Being Notebook

With well-being being a vital business focus, now is the perfect time to impress your clients with a notebook designed to improve their daily life. The Well-Being Notebook is a thoughtful gift that helps the user to handle stressful situations and encourage people to focus on their mental health and happiness.

Featuring pages such as mindfulness colouring sheets, positivity pledges and colourful mood recording strategies, the book is fun and helpful. Designed primarily for the workplace, it is discreet and looks like a regular notepad but is there for you when you’re feeling low or life gets tough.

  • Oxfam Unwrapped

Oxfam Corporate Gifts

To showcase the charitable side of your business, the Oxfam Unwrapped corporate gift is an excellent way of donating to charity on behalf of your client. Depending on your business, you can find the perfect charitable Christmas gift that meets your brand message. All of the donations can be sent with gift cards or e-cards, and all the funds go directly to Oxfam.

You can purchase a range of charity gifts ‘for’ your clients. From honey bees, a little pig, a goat, wonder worms or even a pile of poo. You can find the perfect gift that sums up your corporate social responsibility while making your clients feel good too.

  • Gadget Travel Gift Set

For the clients that are always on the go, the ‘Pure S’ Gift Set features a portable power bank, cable, USB flash drive all in a sophisticated gift case that is ideal for the office and travelling. The gift sets can be laser engraved and screen printed with your logo in a range of colours.

All of the items in the travel gift set can be customised and engraved too; this helps to get your brand message across as well as being a handy gift that is guaranteed to be used and admired.

  • Beechwood Stress Spot Handheld Massager

And the final B2B Christmas gifts idea… With wellness and well-being being at the forefront in business and workplaces, this ethically sourced Stress Spot Handheld Massager is ideal for office chair aches and pains. It is small and portable with a comfortable grip that means the user can enjoy the benefits of massage at work, travel or home.

The tool is discreet, stylish and has effective nodules that deliver a deep massage, ideal for muscle aches, fatigue and is the perfect way to unwind after a stressful day.  As an added benefit the massager is made from sustainable beechwood that is certified by the FSC, perfect to pledge your commitment to ethically-sourced products.

Hopefully you’ve found some ideas to give your clients something a little different to a bottle of wine this Christmas.

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