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5 uses of creative print we love

Mitchel - May 6, 2016 - 0 comments

As you know, we love creative print here at LeftMedia, as you can see from our case studies. Part of being creative though is keeping an eye on what other people are doing as there’s some really inspiring print projects out there. Here’s five recent favourites.

Natwest ‘how to build a branch’ branch design info book

This is the kind of thing that simply cannot be achieved without print. Given that paper is one of the most sustainable materials on the planet, it’s perfect to showcase the sustainability of Natwest’s new branch design, using a selection UK sourced sustainable papers, it’s a real tactile treat for print fans like me!

Flywheel Stationery

The usefulness of labels is often overlooked – they’re not just for addresses and jam jars! This stationery was designed with space to add various labels, be they different name details for cards, or just different colours for stationery and envelopes. Using labels gives you flexibility allowing you to adapt items to suit their purpose and the fact they stand produce of the paper surface makes them all the more interesting.

BMW winter direct mail

Just like creative folding, perforations and tear off strips used in a different way will always turn an otherwise conventional piece of print into an exceptional one. This piece from BMW uses a tear off strip to suggest the ease of driving through wintery conditions with their winter tyres.

Plant Whisperers interactive business card

Just like a children’s popup book, this card creates wonder and delight. Lifting the insert out of the sleeve not only gives a fun moment it also indicates what the business on the card actually does, As with the previous examples, this isn’t a particularly complicated or expensive item, it just uses simple techniques in an imaginative and well thought out way.

Land Rover quick start guide

Car manuals are not often known for their creativity, but this simple piece of print uses folds to create an easy to follow document, that open ups to reveal even more. The flexibility of folds is often overlooked but it’s a great way to add interest to print.

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