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5 ways to ensure your ‘Sold on Your Street’ campaign is a success

Mitchel - October 2, 2015 - 0 comments

If you’re looking for an effective way to boost the number of houses you have on your books, then one of the best marketing strategies is to have a ‘Sold on Your Street’ campaign. A print marketing campaign such as this when done well can be money well spent. Below we look at 5 ways you can ensure your campaign is a success.

Research the area

This applies to any marketing campaign. Doing substantial research is key to getting your marketing campaign off to a flying start. You’d be amazed at how many estate agents have undertaken ‘Sold on your Street’ campaigns in areas where it was doomed to fail. One that we are aware of was done in an area of Manchester that had over 75% social housing. The marketing campaign was ineffective because their target audience (homeowners) were largely absent.

Research your target audience

Any marketing strategy works best if you identify your target audience as best you can. In some areas, you will find certain demographics dominate whereas in others there may be a mix of ages, cultures, education levels and salary bands. Taking all these factors into account will help you tailor your marketing campaign and maximise its effectiveness in front of its target audience.

Sell the sizzle, not the sausage

The ultimate aim of a ‘Sold on Your Street’ campaign is to entice people into putting their house up for sale with your agency. Don’t make the mistake of a lot of agencies who try to entice them by talking about low sale fees and excellent customer service. Yes they are important but they’re not the factors that will make someone decide to put their home up for sale. You need to fire up their imagination. In an area that’s full of young families, you might say things like ‘imagine how good it would be to have an extra bedroom for your growing family’. For areas with a largely elderly population, you might highlight the benefits of downsizing. This might be things such as having a more manageable home and more money to enjoy their retirement with.

Provide social proof

Providing details of sales you have been involved in with full details and photographs of the people involved will add significant weight to your Sold on Your Street campaign. Customer testimonials are gold when it comes to these sorts of campaigns as they show you to be both trustworthy and good at what you do

Don’t just concentrate on return of investment

If you’re expecting to see an instant return of investment from one of these types of campaigns, then you may find yourself disappointed. Many campaigns do, but if yours doesn’t don’t be disheartened because the sales benefits of such direct marketing campaigns aren’t always initially tangible. Quite often, you may see an initially low response followed by a burst of new instructions. With these sorts of campaigns, people need time to consider them and your marketing material can often sit in a drawer until the time is right. With Sold on Your Street campaigns, you’ll often see direct benefits of it months and sometimes even years down the line.

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