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7 days of Direct Mail: The winners and the losers

Mitchel - February 4, 2016 - 0 comments

We love printed direct mail, and all of the evidence is suggesting that your customers love it too. With a bit of personalisation and considered targeting it can be a lot more effective than any other form of marketing, with greater response rates and bigger returns on your spend. So we thought we’d see who’s doing it well and who could do better. Here’s our pick of the numerous items that landed on our doormats in one week recently.

Winner 1 – Abel & Cole

Abel & Cole regularly appear on the average UK household doormat and they do it well. With a striking image that appeals to our want to improve our diets and health, there is a good reason to pick it up and have a read.

Once they’ve got your attention, the mailing has clear, concise reasons why you should signup. Even providing a time limited incentive if you signup today which creates an urgency to take action.

Winner 2 – Virgin Media

Another regular on our kitchen table is Virgin Media. Clever print marketing is the name of the game for Virgin. This particular mailing has it all. Using the street name within the heading of the letter creates a familiarity. Creating this sort of personalised impression is highly effective yet easy to implement.

Attaching a reward card is also another way to make you feel that bit more special, with the clear call to action of ‘Call today.’ Win!

Loser 1

A leaflet distribution leaflet landed a couple of times over the seven days. This particular flyer was printed on a very flimsy stock at A7 size. We think this is a little bit too small especially when you have so much information packed on.

Our suggestions on how it could be improved – if you do want to go for the small (cute) size create a clear reason to pick it up. One special offer is better than three. Print your design on a thicker stock, this doesn’t usually mean too much of an increase in cost but the finish is a million times better.

Loser 2

Takeaway menus are one of those pieces of mail that everyone gets. Have a look at your paper waste bin (I hope you do recycle lots!) – it’s probably full of Indian and Chinese takeaway menus. Usually printed on a flimsy stock – destined for the bin.

This particular menu used 5 different fonts in total, making it hard to read especially on dark backgrounds. The food sounds delicious and I’m sure it’s lovely. But this design doesn’t really tempt me to pick up the phone and order some food. A missed opportunity is the fact that this is Vegetarian Indian Cuisine, a real selling point – more should have been made of this.

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