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7 reasons why you still need printed stationery

Mitchel - January 17, 2015 - 0 comments

It’s all too easy to think that the letterhead and its humble sidekick the compliment slip are irrelevant in today’s digital multi platform, multi screen world, when in actual fact their power has never been greater. It’s no surprise that we couldn’t do without it, but here’s 7 reasons why you still need printed stationery too.

1. Printed stationery inspires trust

The anonymity of email and ease with which you can send it means your customers may be wary of any message it contains. An investment in quality letterheads that display your contact details and all the legal information about your business shows you’ve got nothing to hide and can be trusted.

2. It conveys professionalism

A business with well designed printed stationery is a business that’s serious about its brand and message. When a lot of thought has gone into a design before committing it to hundreds or thousands of letterheads and compliment slips it shows you care about what you do, and that you know what you’re doing.

3. It gives confidence

Knowing that you can be trusted and you’re professional means your customers feel able to part with their hard earned money, confident that you will deliver on your promises.

4. It’s memorable

When was the last time you received a memorable email? No, we can’t remember either. Send a well crafted letter on your stylish letterheads, or hand write a thank you note on the compliment slip you add to every order you send out and it will be remembered by the people that matter – your customers.

5. It’s never ignored

A click of a mouse, a tap of a trackpad or a stroke of the delete key is all it takes to ignore an email but you try ignoring a piece of paper. Go on, look away, pretend it’s not there. Now look at it again – not gone anywhere has it?

6. It’s something everyone loves to receive

When someone takes the time to write and print out a letter, or even handwrite a note, it’s something that doesn’t go unappreciated. Do you remember that feeling the first time you got a letter addressed to you in the post? It was an exciting event! Now how about when you first received an email? No, us neither…

7. It’s physical

There’s just something special about holding something in your hand that a screen can’t compete with. It’s the kind of feeling you can’t put your finger on. Well actually you can, but it won’t be to swipe it away into a virtual bin….

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