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Estate Agents, what is your greatest marketing asset?

Mitchel - April 21, 2016 - 0 comments

As a high street estate agent your greatest asset is your physical presence, so in your customers’ hands physical print is your greatest marketing asset.

We don’t need to tell you online agencies are growing both in market share and visibility every year, but you might need to know how you can differentiate yourselves from this growing threat.  People trust someone they can meet, speak to in person and build a rapport with, and the same is true of printed marketing material.

With the seemingly minute by minute daily onslaught of digital marketing, getting heard amongst the noise is increasingly hard. This is why agents like you are turning to print to get their message out there. On average a piece of physical direct mail will hang around in a household for 17 days (The Private Life of Mail, Royal Mail 2015), I’m sure you have that shelf where you put the post too! When was the last time you left an email or webpage open for more than 17 seconds let alone 17 days?

Maybe you’re worried about how you can compete with the big budget TV advertising from the likes of Purple Bricks and Tepilo? Don’t be. With the increase in catchup services and ‘second screening’ people are much more likely to skip or look away from TV ads than actually pay attention to them, even less retain the message they’re peddling. It’s much harder to ignore a well designed printed item that lands on your doormat with your name on.

‘With your name on.’ It may sound obvious but the effectiveness of and return from any print campaign is much greater when the message is targeted and personalised. Variable data printing makes personalisation very cost effective. The phrase “throw enough ‘stuff’ at a wall and some of it will stick” has never been less relevant. Print marketing is no longer about distributing tens of thousands of identical leaflets in the hope than one or two may get read on their way to the bin. A well designed targeted and personalised print campaign will be considerably more effective than a door drop of thousands of generic items.

It’s not all about leaflets, letters and flyers either. Personalised beer mats, coasters, calendars and other unique items can increase the retention of your message considerably. In fact we love them so much, if you’re an agent local to us in Manchester, there’s a chance you’ve got one of our beermats with your name on it? At the very least I’m sure you remember receiving it, and I reckon there’s a good chance it’s still on your desk right now? This print marketing stuff works you know…

Call us to have a chat about making print your greatest marketing asset on 0161 908 7695.

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