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Are you making the most of this retail marketing method?

Mitchel - May 28, 2015 - 0 comments

Imagine a retail marketing method that was both cheap AND effective.  One that accounted for nearly 33% of £13.4m incremental sales for a major retailer.

Do you know what it is? It’s shelf signage, in particular, shelf talkers and shelf wobblers.

What are shelf talkers and shelf wobblers?

You see both shelf talkers and shelf wobblers in many retailers, but you may not have been aware what their ‘official’ name was. A shelf talker is simply a small sign that attaches to a shelf. They communicate particular deals and offers to passing customers and entice them to look at the particular products on offer in their location. A shelf wobbler is very similar to a shelf talker in that they attach to a shelf, but are designed to hang over the side of a shelf. These are used in a similar fashion to shelf talkers, but are often used as POS (point of sale) marketing tools, as they are particularly effective when placed near the till.

Are shelf wobblers and shelf talkers suitable for your retail business?

The effectiveness of shelf talkers and shelf wobblers can be seen best when used in shops that have crowded product categories, where a customer has a multitude of items of the same type to choose from. That’s why you see them so much in the major supermarkets. They’re not there because they look nice. They’re there because they work. There are in fact very few types of retail business that they wouldn’t work effectively in.

Ways to use shelf talkers and shelf wobblers

Promote a special offer – shelf wobblers and talkers are a great way of increasing brand awareness and promoting special offers and discounts.

Push certain product lines – Do you have a certain product line that isn’t selling as well as you thought? Give it a push with wobblers and talkers. Other uses include pushing items that need to be sold before their expiration date.
Add an extra dimension to your shop – Shelf wobblers and talkers speak to your customers, which adds an interactivity to your shop. Instead of shelves with uniform, boring price tags, shoppers are presented with visually appealing signage that invites them to save money on special offers.

Benefits of using shelf wobblers and talkers

Here at LeftMedia, we have been producing shelf talkers and wobblers for a wide variety of retailers. Offering a virtually limitless range of designs and shapes, they are cheap to buy and very effective at helping push your sales. Convenient, quick and easy to install, they’re durable too, offering an instant yet long-lasting promotion that works.

If you’d like to see how shelf wobblers, shelf talkers or any other Point Of Sale material can help you increase product sales, please contact us on 0161 908 7695 or send us a quick message.

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