Branding, signage and graphic design for Chorlton’s first Scandi café

“We found LeftMedia to be a very industrious and responsive creative team”

Martin, Velbekomme Café

As a newcomer to Chorlton’s competitive and overcrowded food and beverage community, Martin and Karen needed strong branding that would really set them apart and explain their offering. With Scandinavian food being new to the area, clarity was required in order to gain customers.

Services Delivered

  • Branding
  • Signage
  • Graphic Design

The Problem

Velbekomme is a Scandi Café in the bustling and hip south Manchester suburb of Chorlton. Opened in 2016, sibling owners Martin and Karen came to LeftMedia to help with the challenges of launching a new brand in such a competitive local market.

  1. Standing Out From The Competition

    With new cafés, bars and restaurants opening up so frequently in Chorlton, Velbekomme needed to stand out as something genuinely new and different.

  2. Getting The Skandi Message Across

    With the increased use (and misuse) of the Hygge (pronounced hue-guh in case you weren’t sure) theme, Velbekomme needed to ensure they were seen as the genuine article (the owners have a Danish family background) not just a ‘me-too’ bandwagon jumping business.

  3. Attracting Passing Trade

    With so much competition, passing trade is vital, so ensuring it’s clear what is on offer is essential to any café, bar or restaurant business.

The Results

Following a lot of research into Scandinavian style (something we were already big fans of) and the kind of food that was to be served, LeftMedia developed a concept around the freshness of the food, often served on boards. The chopping / serving board emblem became a key part of the branding along with simple typography with a nod to the humble soup ladle (see if you can spot it, kids!).  Clear signage in the window made it clear what Velbekomme is all about.

Simple, clean and uncluttered branding

Clear signage that attracts customers

Subtle colour palette that is easily reflected in the interior

We went though several iterations, each time quickly and professionally with LeftMedia letting us input our thoughts while letting us know what they thought and how they came to these conclusions.

Martin Founder Velbekomme