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7 Christmas Day Voice Searches: Divorce, Adoption & Batteries

Mitchel - December 8, 2017 - 0 comments

This year voice search made it mainstream, with voice searches going through the roof.

“20% of queries on mobile were voice searches in 2016 and by 2020 at least half of all searches will be made via voice query.”

Many people’s Christmas stockings will have a Google Home and Amazon Dot this year, so we thought why not make some predictions on the Top 7 Christmas Day voice searches in 2017?

Voice search is changing the way brands are using digital marketing and there are hundreds of articles telling you how to implement voice search in your business.

But for this voice search post – we just want to have a bit of a laugh.

Christmas Day 2017 Voice Searches

  • Who is the best local divorce solicitor in Manchester?

Every year there is a spike in divorces after the festive period.

Christmas is a trying time to relationships, especially marriages. Husband not pulling his weight in the kitchen? Wife not getting the right pair of socks? Mother in law doing your head in? It can be tempting to use your new home assistant to get rid of your partner.

This year rather than jumping on the new iPad to find a divorce solicitor it’s even easier. Just ask Google Home to find you the best local divorce solicitor. Easy peasy. Maybe give it until the day after Boxing Day to think about  it a little longer before going ahead with it though?

  • Where can I get batteries today?

It’s not Christmas without forgetting batteries for your kids new toys.

Rather than venturing out in the cold, wondering the streets for a shop that’s open, we’re guessing people will stay in the warm and use their new voice search apps and assistants to find the nearest one that’s open.

Panic over. Your child can enjoy their new Star Wars: BB-8 – thanks to voice search.

  • Christmas 2018 getaways

We all have the same conversation every year. “I’m going away next year, it’s too much of a hassle for one day.”

We’re predicting voice searches for Christmas 2018 getaways will increase organic traffic for the likes of On The Beach and Thomas Cook.

But would Christmas in the warm really be Christmas? Bring on the snow and excess food anytime.

Christmas Marketing, Children at Christmas

  • Local adoption services

A little harsh?

By 9pm on Christmas Day you can’t blame parents for wanting a little alone time. After standing on Lego pieces at least 20 times, having to watch Elf at least 4 times and spending most of the day cooking the Turkey you can see how patience could be wearing thin at this point.

Searching for local adoption services might be the only answer with Boxing Day still to come.

  • What time does Next open tomorrow?

The inspiration for Black Friday scenes of chaos? Boxing Day sales. They’ve been part of the British shoppers Christmas since time began* (*exact year not known)

Finding out what time Next opens on Boxing Day just got easier with voice search. However, it won’t be able to save you from the fist fight for that dress you really like from that woman who really shouldn’t be getting that colour anyway.

  • What time is the Queen’s Speech on?

You have to watch the Queen’s speech. It’s Christmas tradition.

It’s a time to reflect and look back at how sh”t the year has been. Brexit, Brexit, Brexit. It’s been an extra rubbish people for a lot of people.

But the Queen somehow always manages to put a positive spin on things, so get searching to find out what time you need to stick her on the telly.

Christmas Baking, Food Coma

  • Food coma cures

Turkey dinner, Christmas pudding, turkey sandwiches and those biscuits you don’t even like but you got them as a present really do add an extra inch or 10 to your waistline. You’re not dying, it’s just a food coma.

We already know hangover cures will appear in the top voice searches for 2017 but why isn’t anyone talking about food coma cures? The struggle is real. Time to take it seriously and get napping.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our predictions for voice search this Christmas Day. What will you be searching this year?

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