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A brand identity is a mix of emotional, verbal, and visual attributes combining to define your company and help you stand out from the competition. The key drivers of your brand perception are how the branding makes people react and how it makes them feel.

Your logo isn’t the brand. A design firm will help you design your logo. A web development agency will help you with the design and programming of a website. We, however, breathe life into your brand.

Whether you are a new business forging your way, or an established company that is looking to rebrand to change things up in an increasingly crowded industry, we are here to help.

Some of our favourite Branding projects

Perhaps one of the most difficult steps in building a marketing plan, is developing your brand strategy. This element is often the biggest challenge to any business, yet it’s one of the most vital steps to ensuring a company’s future prosperity.

Brand Strategy

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Whether your potential customers or prospects learn about your business through a search engine query, a brochure, social media, trade show, or colleague – the first place they will go to learn more is your website.

Web Branding

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re a brand-new business just starting out, or your business is evolving. If you want to convey your business vision that your business, tagline, logo and brand need to be working together in concert.

Brand Consultation

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What is collateral design? It’s printed material that is used to provide information about the business and give your business an image. This is essentially anything that features the company’s logo that can establish a visual brand. In this process, there are two imperatives: consistency and cohesiveness

Collateral Design

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Your brand guidelines should inspire everyone in your company to be bold advocates of your brand. It should be concise and it should be thorough and it shouldn’t be impossible to integrate into your website. It may sound overwhelming, but the most effective step to take in developing your brand guidelines is working with professionals who know what effective brand guidelines look like.

Brand Guidelines

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Companies that have been in the business for a while generally find themselves competing in a crowded industry and may struggle to make the impact they once did. You can only get so far before having to rethink your strategy. We provide extensive expertise in guiding companies through the process of rebranding. We can help you shed old baggage and re-establish or acquire your leadership in the market.


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