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Branding Agency Manchester



Brand Strategy

By investigating your competitors, market and customers we're able to come up with brand strategies that add to the bottom line.



Rebranding is a specialist skill. Deciding if a rebrand is right for your business is a big decision and one we can help you with.


Brand Identity

Separate to Brand Strategy - Brand Identity is all about designing you an identity that communicates with your many audiences.

Brand Strategy

When most people thing about branding, they think design – but a huge part of the branding process is brand strategy.

By researching, understanding and then creating a brand strategy we identity where your brand should sit within your market to exploit competitor weaknesses and opportunities for your brand to gain market share.

We do this with:

  • Market research & positioning
  • Industry trends & insights
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand workshops
Brand Strategy
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Deciding to rebrand is a big decision and one that shouldn’t be taken likely. The internet is littered with examples of rebrands gone wrong. That said – rebranding can be essential and important if you’ve:

  • Added new services to your portfolio
  • Acquired another business
  • Not updated your brand for years

Brand Identity

Having a strong brand identity gives you a competitive edge. By creating a recognisable, unique and professional image your business is likely to be ahead of your competitors.

  • Naming
  • Visual identity (Logo / Colours / Typography)
  • Tone of voice & messaging
  • Brand guidelines
  • Marketing materials
Brand Identity