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Marketing Agency Manchester



Inbound Marketing Agency

Inbound marketing offers a measurable, effective way to market to your prospects without bombarding them with sales messages.


Outbound Campaigns

GDPR compliant outbound campaigns are an effective way of opening doors to lucrative sales opportunities.


Content Marketing Agency

Content marketing comes in lots of forms from blogs to video and search marketing and centres around offering value to your prospects.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing offers the opportunity to engage prospects before they enter the market to buy. By establishing yourself as a leader in your sector, nice or industry you’re getting ahead of the competition and starting conversations before the prospect has spoken to your competitors.

We help brands with:

  • Inbound marketing strategy
  • Marketing funnel creation & implementation
  • Search marketing / SEO  / Content creation
  • Ongoing performance tracking & management
Inbound Marketing
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Outbound Marketing

Outbound Marketing

Outbound marketing gets the “it’s dead” treatment all the time – especially post GDPR. But it has a place and with carefully crafted, creative outbound marketing campaigns your business has the opportunity to stand out and get noticed.

LeftMedia help businesses with:

  • Prospect research & data collection
  • Creative strategy & design
  • Outbound campaign management

Content Marketing

In an increasingly digital world, B2B brands need to invest in content. Content marketing allows you to engage your target audiences without bashing them over the head with sales messages. We help brands with:

  • Digital strategy
  • Copywriting & messaging
  • Downloadable content production
Content Marketing

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